Gallery: "Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline!"

"We cannot allow our water to be poisoned so that a handful of companies can make even more in profits." - Sen. Bernie Sanders, speaking to protesters near the White House

(It's 56 days until the election, do YOU know what your former candidates are up to?)

After the defeat of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline last year, there's a new, potentially hazardous pipeline in the works. And a battle is on to stop it.

The debate is over the Dakota Access pipeline, a multi-billion dollar project which, if built, poses a threat to the environment, public water tables, and indigenous lands, according to environmental groups and activists (here's a good primer on both sides of the issue, and recent protests around the country). 

Hundreds took to Lafayette Square in front of the White House today, with colorful signs and passionate chants centered around the pipeline's broader implications for the climate change movement and its impact on indigenous communities. I'm told it's the first in a series of actions around the capital against the pipeline, organized by Greenpeace,, and the Sierra Club, and others. 

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