Gallery: Dupont Vigil for Orlando Victims

"Love will save the day."

On Wednesday night, Dupont glowed with candlelight to remember the fallen in Orlando.

At least a thousand turned out to a call by faith and community leaders to remember the victims, resist hate, and fight for gun control reform. The whole of Dupont Circle was packed with people to the point where you couldn't see the edge of the park from the middle).

As soon as news of of the tragedy broke on Sunday, Dupont became a rallying point for DC residents wanting to remember the victims and call for action, a role it's served before. By the next morning, teddy bears, candles, necklaces with rainbow-colored beads, and photos encircled the fountain in the center of one of DC's most well-known neighborhoods.

I spoke with one woman tending to the memorial on Monday afternoon who told me she'd seen dozens of people stop by to chalk in messages on the pavement since that morning. Earlier that day I'd seen a father helping his little girl write "LOVE" in bold, blue letters.

I'm writing this on a Thursday night, almost five full days after the Orlando massacre. I visited Dupont again a few hours ago and that memorial is still growing. Sadly, at the rate we're at right now, odds are it won't be the last time Dupont hosts a vigil.