Gallery: Democracy Spring

Over a thousand turned out yesterday for the kickoff of the week-long Democracy Spring, a chain of rallies and sit-ins around Capitol Hill calling for an end to big money in politics and attempts at restricting the vote. 

After gathering in front of Union Station early Monday, a thousand-strong march headed to the steps of the Capitol for a sit-in, risking arrest for a chance to get out the cause and move Congress to act. Despite calls from police to leave, more than 400 (including Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks co-founder) were taken into custody during a mass arrest that went on for at least three hours.

The charges? "Crowding, obstructing and incommoding," a misdemeanor under DC code, for which most of those arrested were issued a $50 post-and-forfeit. 

Selection of my photos below. Like I said, it's a week-long event and there's actions planned every day. Am hoping to do more photography later this week. Also follow me on Twitter for more. Stay tuned!

Photos shareable with proper attribution under Creative Commons. All photos by Alejandro Alvarez.