Alejandro Alvarez

Alejandro is a Washington, D.C.-based multimedia journalist reporting on activism and conflict through photography, video, and social media. He is currently News Director at News2Share. His previous work can be found at POLITICODurango Herald, and the Atlantic Council.

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About two hundred protesters turned out to rally against the National Policy Institute (a white nationalist "think tank") holding a conference and celebrating Trump's victory in downtown DC this weekend.

After crashing their dinner on Friday night, the goal was to catch members of the neo-Nazi group entering and leaving the Ronald Reagan building - just a block away from Trump's new DC hotel. They ran around the federal office complex chanting against fascism and the new president-elect, but in the couple of hours I followed them, there weren't any incidents apart from a few chairs thrown and some window punching (although, apparently, a pretty nasty fight broke out just before I got there).

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