Alejandro Alvarez is a journalist, photographer, and digital media expert.

He tweets and follows the news. A lot.

A graduate of American University, Alejandro majored in international relations and journalism. He recently returned from a five-month program abroad studying the European Union and NATO, during which time he worked at the European Parliament in Brussels as a research and communications assistant for Miroslav Poche, MEP, and traveled extensively throughout Central and Eastern Europe. He has worked as a staff writer and editor at the Atlantic Council's New Atlanticist blog, using his expertise in international relations and journalism. 

Alejandro is an associate producer at News2Share, where he manages the outlet's online newsgathering operation and has reported on-location since 2013. He's the guy behind the 24/7 news operation on News2Share's Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as his own Twitter feed, where he reports on world politics and international conflict using his experience in crowd sourcing information through social media. His regions of focus include Europe, Ukraine, Russia, and the Middle East. 

He’s also served as managing editor and staff writer at The Eagle, American University’s student newspaper, for three years. During the summer of 2014, Alejandro interned for Latino Victory  and the Embassy of Australia in Washington, DC. 

Alejandro is an avid writer and photojournalist, seeking new ways to combine written and visual media to make a story as effective as possible. He has photographed a number of events in the Washington, D.C. area and elsewhere ranging from mass demonstrations to diplomatic and political events. As a photographer, he focuses on capturing images which explain the news and the people involved -shots that clearly and accurately depict the atmosphere of a certain place and time. There's almost always something or someone to photograph - people who know Alejandro rarely see him without his DSLR.

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